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Data Entry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries with in the technological  electronic data and information world.


Companies are finding it easier and more cost effective to sub contract out their data entry jobs that use to be performed in house. With the high speed Internet and the advancement of software, data entry is now done easily over Internet connections and much more cost effective.

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Data Firms training programs are providing the link between companies that will hire and need data entry operators and the home business work force.


Its a win-win business opportunity and partnership with companies in need of data service and a Data Entry Company like Data Firm, that can provide the missing link when it comes to software and data technicians. We have fine tuned the process of entering data effectively and efficiently into many types of formats.


We can provide the needed service for your company and your data bases.

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data (dātə, datə; Brit alsotə)

plural noun

facts or figures to be processed; evidence, records, statistics, etc. from which conclusions can be inferred; information

information in a form suitable for storing and processing by a computer

en·try (entrē)

noun pl. entries -·tries

the act of entering; entrance

the recording of an item, note, etc. in a list, journal, etc. or of data in a computer file an item thus recorded



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June 8, 2009

Data firm to lease massive building in east Phoenix / Mesa


A Valley data-center operator plans to breathe new life into a massive industrial building in east Phoenix that has been vacant for more than two years.

Scottsdale-based i/o Data Centers has signed a long-term lease for the former Le-Nature's Inc. water-bottling plant south of Loop 202 and east of Arizona 143.


It will make technology upgrades to the 530,000-square-foot building and move its headquarters there later this month


The building sits on 31 acres and has its own Arizona Public Service Co. substation, which made it attractive to i/o.

"Power is our . . . number one reason why we chose the site," said Anthony Wanger, president of i/o Data Centers.


Wanger's company houses data for other businesses that don't want to build and manage in-house storage systems.

The firm serves about 160 clients, including hospitals, law firms and financial companies. Its current headquarters is a 125,000-square-foot data center in north Scottsdale.


The company plans to continue using that building after its move to the new building, which it is calling "Phoenix ONE."


Chicago-based private-equity firm Sterling Partners recently invested $56 million in the company, which will enable i/o to take on new clients, officials said.

"I think we could handle thousands," Wanger said. "It is a huge, huge building."

The company is leasing the building from CBRE Investors, a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based commercial real-estate firm CB Richard Ellis Inc.

The lease is for 20 years and includes extension options for up to 50 years


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Benefit from accuracy rates as high as 99.998%, significant cost reductions, improve quality and save time-to-market with rapid turnaround. Outsource your data entry work to Data Firm for maximum gains for your organization.

Innovate, excel and profit through Data Firms expertise in outsourcing your data entry needs. For more information, please use the Request Information button at the top of this page.


Outsourcing  Data Entry for Best and Most Cost Effective Solutions

Data Firm collects & analyzes source data from databases, web sites or customer data sheets, then categorizes & transforms the new information into manageable electronic formats making data management hassle-free. Data Firm expertise in data entry project outsourcing spans digital publishing, editorial and composition services, Data Base development, media graphics, content technologies and a host of other related sectors.


Weather your company will need high volume of data entry conversion or just a small amount, Data Firm will be able to help with your transformation of data bases into an electronic format that you will be able to post on your web site, or through out an inter office information center.


We can provide many types of convenient sources to transform any data that you have into a format that will work for your situation. We have a specialty in the automotive data entry service and can help with many different software programs. Just ask one of our staff for any special requests and we will be happy to provide the service to your company.

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