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Companies to compete on the Internet have to not only have a web site, but also have a web site that is ranked on the search engines.


For this to happen companies need quality data entry in the form of articles, blogs, direct advertising and consumers to search their web site for information.

How much will and does a company spend on direct marketing on the Internet


Chances are it's much more than you would spend on our marketing programs. We have the SEO know how along with quality data entry for articles and blogs that will help get your site ranked in the top search engines.


For only 199.95 per month your company web site can start to receive consumer traffic and  high search engine rankings. This means more web site visitors, more web site sales leads and ultimately more business!


Data Firm Marketing customers routinely receive many thousands of dollars in sales generated from high position in search engine rankings. A businesses success on the search engines is crucial to success on the web and Data Firm Marketing will take your company to very high levels and for competitive search terms.


We have several different programs of web promotions available, most of our customers will achieve their web positioning  goals with a program that costs just $69.95 per month.


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